Richmond, VA – Conference, Edgar Allan Poe, and More!

Hey, bats, ghouls, and spirits! Recently, I went to present at a writing conference in Richmond, Virginia, and it was an unforgettable experience. Some of the architecture was just breathtaking. Perhaps one of the most striking buildings to me was the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.

The most exciting part to me was going to the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. Unfortunately, some of the sections of the museum were closed because of renovation, but it was still an amazing place to explore. I most definitely want to return to the museum one day. Also, I got a cool Poe-ka-dot scarf!

If you ever get a chance to visit Richmond, I’d recommend doing so. It was breathtaking! And the food was amazing. The best food for me happened to be the chocolates from Pecan Jack’s, some of which can actually be ordered online.

Writing: On Not Giving Up, But Taking a Break

rabbit horror cannibal in the woods writing story plotAs of writing this, I’ve finished the draft of a project I started in 2012. This is the seventeenth draft, and after struggling and thinking I’d never finish a coherent draft of this story, I did it. And I’m incredibly happy about it.

I just looked through my emails. For context, when I would go to my grandparents’ pretty blue house in Ellijay, right by the apple barn and surrounded by woods, I’d write stories in email and send them to myself. This way, I wouldn’t forget the stories on the computer, which was rather old and only had Wordpad as its word processor. (Ah, Wordpad. Many a fanfic was conceived on there.) This was also before I was aware of Google Docs, then called Google Documents. Read more “Writing: On Not Giving Up, But Taking a Break”